James P. Malone

Chief Nuclear Fuel Development Officer

James Malone has more than four decades of high-level experience in the nuclear industry, including extensive experience in all aspects of fuel procurement and management. In late 2009, Mr. Malone retired after a decade with Exelon Generation Company, where as vice president of Nuclear Fuels he provided strategic direction and tactical guidance for Exelon’s nuclear fuel cycle activities. He was responsible for procurement (uranium, conversion, enrichment, and fuel fabrication) for seventeen operating nuclear reactors—PWRs and BWRs—and his expertise guided the management of used fuel. Mr. Malone’s responsibilities also included special nuclear material accounting and safeguards, economics, and fuel cycle costs. Under Mr. Malone’s supervision, the Nuclear Fuels department provided reload bundle and core design, safety analysis, and plant technical support, including fuel reliability, component procurement strategy, and decommissioning strategy.

Before joining Exelon, Mr. Malone served for ten years as vice president and senior consultant at NAC International, where he consulted on fuel reliability and the front and back ends of the nuclear fuel cycle, among other issues. One of his last projects at NAC was the international safeguards system for the Rokkasho Mura reprocessing plant in Japan. Mr. Malone also worked for many years at SWUCO, Inc., first as a nuclear fuel broker, then as manager of technical services, and finally as vice president. Prior to SWUCO, Mr. Malone was manager of economic analysis at Yankee Atomic, where his work led to important decisions on fuel type and design. Mr. Malone began his career in nuclear power in 1968 as an engineer in the utility reactor core analysis section of the Nuclear Engineering Department of United Nuclear Corporation, where his duties included bundle and core design for the Dresden 1 and Yankee Rowe reactors.

Mr. Malone is a member of the American Nuclear Society and past chairman of its Fuel Cycle Waste Management Division. He is also a member of the member of the World Nuclear Association’s Fuel Cycle Members’ Forum. Mr. Malone holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering (nuclear) from Manhattan College and an MBA from Iona College, where he was awarded the Graduate School of Business Award for Academic Excellence.