Lightbridge Corporation's Advanced Metallic Fuel for Light Water Reactors

A peer reviewed article on the Company's proprietary fuel technology designed to increase power output and safety of commercial nuclear reactors and to enhance industry economics was published in the December 2012 edition of technical journal Nuclear Technology, a publication of the American Nuclear Society.

‘Lightbridge Corporation's Advanced Metallic Fuel for LWRs’ highlights how the next generation fuel is capable of increasing the power output and extending the cycle length of current generation light water reactors. The paper also reviews the unique geometry and composition of the metallic fuel and its application to power uprates in LWRs.

"The article's publication in this prestigious journal is a key milestone in the advancement of our evolutionary fuel technology," said Seth Grae, Lightbridge President and Chief Executive Officer. "Submitted in 2011, the paper was subject to rigorous review by top industry scholars. Its publication provides further validation of the Lightbridge fuel technology at an important stage in Company negotiations on fuel fabrication for tests at research reactors in Russia and the U.S."

The full peer-reviewed article is available to download here.