Often overlooked, it is the fuel that will shape the future of nuclear energy.

A nuclear fuel rod’s energy content is over one million times as dense as any other energy source.

Nuclear fuel is already providing ten percent of the world's electricity and is set to grow significantly in the coming decades.

Nuclear fuel provides global energy security and combats climate change with virtually zero carbon emissions.

While renewables like wind and solar are important, they cannot provide the 24/7 reliability that nuclear fuel provides and consumers and businesses demand.

Current fuel rods have barely changed in design and function in several decades - Lightbridge has reimagined the nuclear fuel rod using advanced technology to make nuclear fuel even safer and more economical than today's fuel rods, without compromising on safety and quality.

With Lightbridge’s fuel rods, and new reactor can provide about 30% more power than with standard nuclear fuel rods.

Narrated by Dr. Sweta Chakraborty, Independent Director